Bathroom remodeling

Making Your Dream Bathroom Affordable

There are many design options for bathrooms and it is easy to be overwhelmed by all the choices. Home remodeling magazines love to show bathrooms that look stunning and they often come with a price tag that is just as stunning! I will use my design experience to help you know what amenities will really get used so you can manage your budget.

For most of our clients, they want to have a wow result and are willing to invest in their home to make that happen. At the same time price is a factor you should consider. If price is the primary factor you will base your decision on then are likely to make a decision you will regret every morning and night.

Please take time to review the information we are providing on this important issue: Risks in Hiring the Lowest Bidder for Your Home Remodeling Project.

Many contractors will talk a good game but they are only interested in easy solutions and if you are only going to do this once you won’t be happy with ordinary results. I start by asking dozens of questions so I can understand the look and style you want to achieve. I pay attention to the little details that many remodeling contractors don’t want to deal with in designing your bathroom.

  • Bathroom design requires a vivid imagination and creativity to blend color, finishes and functionality whether it is a small or large space
  • I take the time to listen to your needs and desires, then create a design to maximize the use and functionality of your newly renovated bathroom

Our planning process includes:

  • The existing bathroom and the surrounding or connected rooms
  • Finish materials and color coordination
  • Plumbing fixtures and popular amenities
  • Structural and functional considerations
  • Fairfield County zoning and building code requirements
  • Lighting placement
  • Product and material selection
  • Evaluation of optional materials and the impact on your budget and much more…

If you are ready to renovate one bathroom or multiple bathrooms, all I ask is the opportunity to demonstrate our ability. You can reach me at (203) 845-8745 or (203)667-1072 and if I am unavailable, I pledge to return your call within 2 hours.