Planning a Home Addition or Renovation

Home additions and renovations

If you are like most of our clients in Fairfield County you are excited to add that much needed space and probably a bit nervous too. We understand that choosing a contractor for your new room addition or home addition or to renovate your entire home may be one of the top five decisions you will make in your life. Our start-to-finish process is proven to reduce costs and virtually eliminate costly project delays and project surprises that plague most projects.

What should you consider in the planning for a room addition or whole house renovation?

Many contractors will talk a good game but they are only interested in easy solutions that may sound good but typically produce ordinary results. If you have been dreaming about an addition or whole house renovation, ending up with ordinary results will leave you wondering if it was worth the time, money and effort. We don’t work that way. The best approach is for us to ask plenty of questions so we understand how you plan to use your new space and what you want to achieve in the renovation. This is a common sense approach but it is the only way we know to achieve the end result you expect. Our planning process includes:

  • The existing layout of your home
  • Structural and functional considerations
  • Fairfield County zoning and building code requirements
  • Your planned use of the new space
  • The top things you want to achieve in the design
  • Lighting placement
  • Selection of cabinetry, hardware, plumbing fixtures and more
  • Evaluation of specialty options and the impact on your budget and much more…

Here are some of the key reasons our clients expanded their living space:

  • Adding a new room can be a smarter decision than moving and realizing you need to add on anyway
  • Others needed more space for a new baby, an adult child moving back home, aging parents joining them or they were combining families after remarriage
  • Many wanted to create a great place where family and friends want to gather

How much should you invest to achieve the look and functionality you want and to add the space you need?

Unfortunately, many contractors will offer you a very attractive price especially if your project will be a big one for their company. They know that is prohibitively expensive to fire a contractor once the demolition is done. In effect they can hold you hostage since other contractors are reluctant to take over a problem project.

  • There are many, many options to consider in designing an addition, a new home or in planning a whole house renovation
  • Franco will use his 25 years of experience to guide you through the process; he will advise you on things to include and things to avoid
  • Our upfront review enables us to eliminate virtually all of the issues that plague other project proposals and lead to unpleasant price surprises
  • We work hand in hand with our designers or your designer of choice to ensure the proposed project on paper will actually become reality with minimal hiccups and discrepancies

We dot the “I’s” and cross the “T’s” before the plan documents are considered ready to firmly price the project. Whether your dream is to add a master bedroom suite, complete a multi room renovation project, or build a new home we have the experience to complete your project on time and on budget. If you are considering a major renovation project, all I ask is the opportunity to demonstrate our ability. You can reach me at (203) 845-8745 or (203)667-1072 and if I am unavailable, I pledge to return your call within 2 hours.

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